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Art by Isabelle Dalle
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Movement, 椎原治 / Shiihara Osamu. Japanese (1905 - 1974)
 National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
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Sylvia Plath (27 October 1932 – 11 February 1963)
Sylvia Plath was born in 1932 in Boston, Massachusetts. She studied at Smith College in 1950, and graduated in 1955. She then moved to England to study at Cambridge. Sylvia was writing poetry as early as the age of eight, keeping a journal since she was eleven and publishing her poems and short stories in regional magazines and newspapers. By the time she arrived at Smith College she had written over 50 short stories. She won major prizes during her time at college, and on graduation she won the Glascock Prize for her poem “Two Lovers and a Beachcomber by the Real Sea”. She had been short-listed several times in the Yale Younger Poets book by the time her first poetry collection was published, “The Colossus and other poems”. Throughout most of her life, Sylvia suffered from severe depression, struggling with suicidal thoughts, insomnia and self-harm. This heavily influenced her writing, along with her strict father, who died when she was eight, and her husband Ted Hughes, who left her in 1962 after their second child was born. A year later she published a semi-autobiographical novel, “The Bell Jar”, under the name of Victoria Lucas. Sylvia committed suicide on February 11, 1963. After her death, four other volumes of her work were published, including the novel that she is most famous for, “Ariel”. She was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her poetry in 1982, becoming the first poet to win the award posthumously.

“Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.”
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Clare Eames in Swords.
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Ernesto Bautista - Masses [Masas], 2009
Transparent lighter filled with blood
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Cannon Bernáldez
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1983 Paloma Picasso with monocle.
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